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This history ends at Feb 15, 2012.  For newer programs, please go here

February 15, 2012, "Stone Calendars of the Southwest", by Ron Barber.

January 25, 2012, "How I spent my Summer", by Jason Lott

December 21, 2011, "Potpourri Dinner and Meeting", by LAM Club Members

November 16, 2011, "The Sunny Side of Alps" by Petra McDowell

October 19, 2011, "Caving in China and Beyond", by Jennifer Foote

September 21, 2011"History of the Jungfrau....A 200th Anniversary Celebration", by Markus Beck

August 17, 2011, "Slickrock in Every Direction", by Bill Priedhorsky - Bio

July 20, 2011, "Trekking with Indiana Jones: A Natural Science Journey through the Meaning of Myth", by Bruce Masse

June 15, 2011, "Paddling the Baja Desert Coast with Dick Opsahl", by Jackie Little

May 25, 2011, "Through the Land of Rock: A Journey from Page Arizona to Moab Utah", by Jeff Martin

April 20, 2011, "Cascade Glacier School and Climb of Mt. Rainier", by LAM's own: Dave Dogruel

March 16, 2011, "Espresso Lessons:  Practical Mental Fitness Applications in Stress and Risk Situations", with author Arno Ilgner

February 16, 2011, "Trekking in the Kingdom of Bhutan", by Erik F. Shores Bio

January 19, 2011, "China Odyssey", by Lorrie Bonds-Lopez

December 15, 2010, "Potpourri Dinner and Meeting", by LAM Club Members

November 17, 2010, "Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve", by Tom Betts

October 20, 2010, "Climbing in the Dolomites and the Alps in the 50's", by Don Liska - Bio

September 15, 2010, "Rivers in Demand: Three years of exploratory kayaking through biodiversity hotspots", by Kyle Dickman

August 18, 2010, "Gila River Adventure", by Jean Dewart

July 21, 2010, "Bike across America", by Zack Baker - Bio

June 16, 2010, "The Ascent of Masherbrum: 50 years later", by Tom Hornbein - Bio

May 19, 2010, "Walk Across England, Fall of 2009", by Dick and Judy Opsahl - Bio

April 21, 2010, "Snowkiting, plus Heliskiing/Heliboarding in Canada and Alaska", by David Cole

March 17, 2010, "Climbing in the Dolomites", by Jason Halladay - Bio

February 17, 2010, "Ptarmigan Traverse", by Lynn Ensslin and Dennis Brandt - Bio

January 20, 2010, "Alsek River Rafting Adventure", by Sharon Kapple

December 16, 2009, "Potpourri Dinner and Meeting", by LAM Club Members

November 18, 2009, "Everett Ruess and the Canyon Country: A 75-year old disappearance remains a mystery", by Vaughn Hadenfeldt - Bio

October 21, 2009, "Expedition Kayaking in California's High Sierra's", by Tim Kelton

September 16, 2009, "From the Mountains to the Sea", by Dave Dogruel

August 19, 2009, "High-Altitude Geological Trekking in Peru", by Rick Kelley

July 15, 2009, "Geology of the San Juan Mountains Underfoot", by Paul Bradley, Ph. D.

June 17, 2009, "Backcountry Skiing the High Peaks of New Mexico and Colorado", by Scott Hsu - Bio and Amy Bauer - Bio

May 20, 2009, "To Alaska and Back in 3 Months", by Momo Vuyisich

April 15, 2009, "Himalayan Climb of Gasherbrum II", by Michael Collins

March 18, 2009, "Rock Climbing at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada", by Jason Halladay - Bio, and Roger Rumsey

February 18, 2009, "Grand Obsession: Harvey Butchart and the Exploration of Grand Canyon"
by Author and Photographer Elias Butler

January 21, 2009, "The Slickrock Country: Recent Adventures and More to Come", 
by Bill Priedhorsky - Bio

December 17, 2008, "Potpourri Dinner and Meeting", by LAM Club Members

November 19, 2008, "Antarctic Adventures", by Rose and Chris Jaros

October 15, 2008, "Colorado Scrambles and Snow Climbs", by Dave Cooper

September 17, 2008, "China and Tibet Adventure", by Dick and Judy Opsahl

August 20, 2008, "Caving Expeditions in New Mexico, Belize, and Mexico", by Pajarito Grotto members Brian Kendrick and James Hunter

July 16, 2008, "High Angle Rescue Techniques", by John Becker, ASAR (Atalaya Search and Rescue).

June 18, 2008, "Mountaineering in the Indian Himalaya", by Jason Halladay - Bio

May 21, 2008, "Local Maxima and other Geographical Oddities", by Gary Clark - Bio

April 16, 2008, "Rock Climbing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil", by Sandra Corso - Bio

March 19th, 2008, "History of the Mountaineers", by Norbert Ensslin

February 20, 2008, "Cascades Adventures", by Gregg Brickner

January 16, 2008, "Thirty Seasons in the Canyon Country: Walking in Beauty", by Bill Priedhorsky - Bio

December 19, 2007, "LAM Potpourri and Potluck", by LAM Club Members

November 28, 2007, "Experiencing Tibetan culture and climbing an 8,000 meter peak in Sept 1997", by Chris Horley - Bio

October 17, 2007, "Sierra Ski Touring", by Mark Van Eeckhout

September 19, 2007, "Women of K2" and "Savage Summit", by Jennifer Jordan

August 15, 2007, "Bicycles in China and Trekking in the Tiger Leaping Gorge", by Tarik Saleh

July 18, 2007, "African Safari - Up Close and Personal", by Melissa Bartlett

June 20, 2007, "Bob's Big Bike Trips", by Bob Parker

May 16, 2007, "Eric and Lucie's Bus Trip" Recollections from a two-year road trip through North America, by Lucie Parietti and Eric Ponslet

April 18, 2007, "Powder Addled: A Snow Junky Scores a Back-Country Fix in the Adamants" by Mark W. Schraad (Selkirk Range, Columbia Mountains British Columbia, Canada)

March 21, 2007, "Mountaineering Movie Madness!!!" Compiled and narrated by Chris Horley -Bio

February 21, 2007, "Mount Vinson - The First Ascent (1966) and the 40th Anniversary Attempt in 2006" Eiichi Fukushima

January 17, 2007, "Comb Ridge & Beyond: Seeking the Anasazi" by Vaughn Hadenfeldt - Bio

December 13, 2006, "LAM Potpourri and Dinner", by LAM Club Members

November 15, 2006, "Shiprock and other Classic Climbing Adventures", by Don Liska

October 18, 2006, "Desert Rock of the Southwest", by George Hurley

September 20, 2006, "Hiking Adventures in Northern New Mexico", by Joan and Gary Salzman

August 16, 2006, "Rock climbing, bird watching, and sightseeing in Australia", by Norbert and Lynn Ensslin

July 19, 2006, "New Zealand's South Island", by Erik F Shores

June 21, 2006, "Kayaking the Rio Brazos", by Tim Kelton and Atom Crawford

May, 17, 2006, "Central American Exploration", by Dick and Judy Opsahl


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