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Gear Loans

Los Alamos Mountaineers Gear Loan Policy (rev. 7/2023) LAM maintains some equipment for hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, canyoneering, mountaineering, llama trips, and snow sports. Equipment is categorized as durable and non durable. Durable equipment may be borrowed for LAM trips and the private trips of LAM members. Non-durable equipment may only be used for LAM trips. Non-durable describes equipment with distinctly limited service life, e.g., ropes. Durable equipment includes, e.g., ice axes.

The LAM equipment manager, in conjunction with the LAM Board as needed or appealed, has final authority over what equipment, and for what purposes, equipment may be borrowed. LAM equipment can be reserved for LAM trips up to one year in advance. LAM equipment can be reserved by LAM members for private trips up to 30 days in advance. Gear loans for private use are for a single trip and not for an enture season. LAM members are encouraged to present suggestions for equipment acquision to the LAM board.

Intersection of Trip Policy and Gear Policy Official (public) LAM trips

  • Overnight trips require LAM membership for all participants.
  • All participants may borrow/use durable and non-durable equipment.
  • Day trips do not necessarily require LAM membership (except for the leader), at the leader’s discretion.
  • LAM participants may borrow/use durable and non-durable equipment.
  • LAM participants may borrow equipment on behalf of non-LAM participants.
  • For all trips, allocation of equipment in limited supply is at the discretion of the trip leader. Private trips
  • LAM members may borrow durable equipment for their own use. Current durable equipment
  • helmets
  • ice axes
  • avalanche transceivers
  • Trip leaders and members are responsible for providing appropriate batteries for the avalanche transceivers
  • snow probes
  • snow shovels
  • bear cannisters and bags
  • one Garmin InReach
  • Trip leaders and members are responsible for ensuring that the Garmin InReach is charged for use
  • Trip leaders and members are responsible for overage charges and rescues
  • climbing shoes (because these are donated, please donate to our collection)
Current non-durable equipment
  • climbing ropes
  • static ropes
  • slings
  • canyoneering ropes
  • webbing
  • utility cord
  • quickdraws
  • water filters
  • Water filters may be borrowed for LAM trips, with replacement cartridges purchased by LAM trip participants.
  • first aid supplies
  • Trip leaders and members are responsible for replacing first aid items used on trips.
Contact the equipment manager listed on the Board Page to reserve equipment WELL BEFORE you need it!

You can also request gear when you submit a LAM trip to the website.


Sadly, we do not rent gear.


Stuff you can borrow:

Climbing/Mountaineering Helmets

Ice axes
Various Climbing Hexes
Various climbing belay devices
Various climbing cams
Avalanche Beacons
Snow Shovels

Snow Probes

Bear barrels
Yathin S Krishnappa
(2) Camping Water Filters
Garmin InReach satellite communication device
Ice Cleats


Los Alamos Mountaineers Rope Loan Policy

LAM climbing school ropes are only otherwise available to closely vetted official LAM trips. Consult the equipment manager for particulars if you are contemplating an official LAM trip that needs ropes.


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