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Resources for Trip Leaders


LAM Trip Sign-Up Sheet (group waiver required for trips with non-members)
The "Los Alamos Mountaineer's Trip Sign-Up Sheet" includes the trip waiver, and should be used for all club sponsored trips. You may download a pdf version of the "Los Alamos Mountaineer's Trip Sign-Up Sheet" by clicking here.

Guidelines for Trip Leaders
Have you wanted to lead a Mountaineers trip but didn't know where to begin?  Do you have the technical skill for a mountain adventure but aren't sure how to organize the trip?  Now you can share your wisdom, skill, and leadership with confidence.  Two experienced leaders have collaborated to create this document to help people lead trips more effectively, have fun doing it, and hopefully, bring everyone home again safely.  The Guidelines cover such things as leader responsibilities, how to set up a day trip, how to organize a longer multi-day adventure, tips for expedition planning, how to advertise your event, and useful references.  You may download this document as a PDF file here, or speak with the trip coordinator to get a spiral-bound, color copy for FREE!


Los Alamos Mountaineers Trip Refund Policy

Multiday Club trips are often planned months in advance and often require non-refundable financial commitments for lodging, packer’s fees, etc.. Requests for deposits and interim payments from the participants are determined by the trip leader and are based upon the need to meet these financial obligations. Participants in such trips make a financial commitment when they sign up. Accordingly, the Club has established the following policy regarding requests for refunds.

If an individual who has signed up is unable to participate for any reason, a refund of payments made will only be issued if it does not impose additional costs on the other trip participants. A full refund will be issued if the individual recruits a LAM member to take his/her place, who is acceptable to the trip leader, and who pays the required amounts for the trip. If other people subsequently sign up for the trip, full or partial refunds will be issued from the funds remaining after all financial obligations have been met.


How to Plan a Grand Canyon Trek
Have you ever wanted to backpack down into the depths of the Grand Canyon?  How hard could it be?  Oh, yeah, people die down there when they don’t plan well!  Oops.  So how does one plan such an adventure?  This course covers the following topics:

  * GC Topography Overview,
  * GC Backpacking Options Based on Your Experience,
  * Dangers of Hiking the Canyon,
  * Steps to Planning a Trek,
  * Planning Group Gear,
  * Organizing Personal Gear Around the 10 Essentials,
  * Living to Tell About It,
  * Having Fun.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing places on this beautiful planet.   It is gorgeous, challenging, dangerous, silent, gigantic, spiritual, thrilling, and peaceful – all at the same time!  Why not explore its depths and discover its hidden secrets?  With proper planning, GC treks can be truly exciting and at the same time, safe and fun.  Click here for a PDF file of the PowerPoint slides used in this class.  Click here or a personal equipment list based on the 10 Essentials.



Winter Travel in the Backcountry
This basic classroom course by Dianne Eschman provides an overview of the dangers of winter travel and the appropriate tools and skills necessary for safe and fun winter excursions.  It is designed for skiers, snowshoers, snowboarders and mountaineers who want to understand safe winter travel in the back country. Winter trips can be fantastic experiences, but they come with certain risks that must be recognized and planned for. The purpose of this class is to discuss the various factors that can influence your enjoyment and safety in the back country and provide you tools to deal with changing conditions that may arise. REI provides some useful resources:

For more in-depth avalanche classes check out for classes in the area.  Beginners are always advised to travel with experienced leaders.

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