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LAM History

LAM History Topics 

                          1.  Acknowledgements and Introduction.      

                          2.  Founding and Organization of the Los Alamos Mountaineers Club.     

                          3.  Early Club Activities.

                          4.  Climbing Colorado's Fourteeners.

                          5.  Adventure and Exploration at the Brazos Cliffs.

                          6.  Shiprock and the Los Alamos Mountaineers.

                          7. The LAM Climbing School.

                          8. Discovery of the White Rock Climbing Areas.      

                          9. Early Mountaineering Accidents.

                          10. Search and Rescue Activities. 

                          11. Cross-Country Skiing Adventures.

                          12. A New World of Canyon Trips.

                          13. Exploring the Grand Canyon.

                          14. Climbing Trips to the Northwest, Yosemite, and other Areas.                       

                           15.  More photos from Norbert Vol1

                           16.  More photos from Norbert Vol2

                           17.  Mountaineers 14ers and Other Awesomeness

                           18. Some of the Years' Most Memorable Programs.                       

                           19. LAM Abbreviated Biographies.

                           19b.   A Jim Straight Biography

                           20LAM Program History.

                           21Climbing Equipment - A Matter of Perspective.

                           22Past & Present LAM Activities, including full activity details back to 12/2006.

                           23LAM Officer History updated 1/23/2012

                           24Los Alamos Mountaineers Historical Binder (30MB pdf). Information from 1967 to 2003.

                            25Click here to add material or suggest a new topic to Norbert?


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