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Monthly Program:


Wed, 2023-12-13

The Los Alamos Mountaineers will host the annual Potpourri at Fuller Lodge starting at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, December 13, 2023.  Potpourri is a stew that consists of one part potluck and six parts ten-minute talks, simmered slowly in conversation and camaraderie. This is by far the most popular Mountaineers meeting of the year. Make your own early New Year's resolution to attend! The potpourri is a strictly in-person event, with no hybrid adjunct. It is the only meeting of the year not held at the Nature Center.

This is a Members Only event, so it is an excellent opportunity to renew or initiate your annual membership if you have not already done so.  You can do this in person at the Lodge with cash or check, or to avoid the line at the door, ahead of time with PayPal or credit card at 

You can also print out and sign the waiver and deliver it to us.

Membership for 2024 is still a bargain at $15 for individuals or $20 for families.

Because this is a potluck, please bring a dish to share. The Club will provide chicken and vegetarian enchiladas, non-alcoholic drinks, and a large chocolate cake. You provide the salads, vegetables, breads, additional desserts (but there will be a lot of cake), and main course alternatives.

Dinner will begin at 6:30. Please bring a place setting to reduce waste - cup, plates, utensils. A tablecloth for your table would be festive.  Bring your kit to Fuller Lodge. There will be soapy water for clean-up.

Also, to benefit the homeless in Santa Fe, we will be collecting used winter outdoor gear. Bring coats, hats, gloves, boots, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, etc. to donate to the cause. For details, see

Bring your appetite, stories to share with your table mates and your enthusiasm for the six 10-minute talks, following directly after the potluck dinner. The lineup includes:

Jean Dewart: Cross Country Skiing at Crater Lake

Michael Altherr: Two Weeks with Uncle Mike

Olivia Li: Hiking Valle Caldera's Mountaintops

Luke Washburn: Mt. Rainier/Kautz Icefall Climb

Tim Rennick: Hiking the Skyline Trail

Bill Priedhorsky: Moab: Our 15th Year of Hiking, Biking, and Canyoneering



Rennick: Hiking the Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park


Dewart: Setting out for a winter circumnavigation of Crater Lake



Ongoing Events


Monthly Public Meeting and Presentation:

Normally held in the planetarium of the Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC)
on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Now offering hybrid meetings with in-person and zoom options! Sign up for each talk at the Monthly Program page.

Past presentations, and occasionally future, can be viewed here


Get a 2021 Official Mountaineers T-Shirt

To support the Mountaineers spirit in these challenging times, we are pleased to offer our members the latest Mountaineers t-shirt, with a design based on our adventures around the world, shipped to your home anywhere in the US. The design comes in women’s and unisex versions, per the pictures below, in a wicking fabric The shirts cost $20 each. They may be picked up in Los Alamos, or shipped via USPS for $5 per shirt to any address in the US. Because of the circumstances, we cannot accept returns, so we’ve measured the shirts, and they are sized as follows:
      Circumference Height
dimensions in inches # in stock under arms midriff hips collar to waist
XS 6 28 27 1/2 32 23 1/2
S 6 31 30 34 24 1/2
M 4 32 31 35 24 1/2
L 1 35 34 38 25 1/2
XL 6 37 35 40 25 1/2
S 5 34 35 28
M 4 38 1/2 39 28 1/2
L 5 42 42 29
XL 5 44 46 29 1/2


Delivery Method


Future Club Speakers:  In addition to frequent presentations by nationally known adventurers, we love to hear from our own members....not that some of you aren't in that group.  A presentation gets you a free club membership and dinner at the restaurant of your choice in Los Alamos.

LAM Member Presentations Wanted! The LAM Board would like to encourage our members to provide more of our monthly presentations.  We understand well that club members are an active lot, with a wealth of activities in their repertoire that can and have been inspiring to new and old members alike.  We have often focused our monthly presentations on the elite of the outdoor adventure world, and perhaps created the undesired effect of squelching the voices of our own members who participate in frequent beautiful and exciting adventures of their own.  Although our own activities are not always "world class", they are representative of what we "weekend" athletes can and do accomplish.  We want many of our programs to inspire the "I can do that" attitude in our members, not merely entertain.  Shock and awe may have their rightful place, but inspiration to participate and shine is our true goal.


Trip Leaders:  Post your trip by logging in and then going here.  If you do not have an account, contact  the webmaster. For overnight trips, please ensure that membership waivers for participants are current and recorded by the club Membership Chairperson prior to your trip. Non-members may participate in day trips. All club sponsored trips require the trip waiver. After the trip, please scan and email a PDF of the waiver to the Trip Coordinator.

Trip Leader Awards: The club will recognize trip leaders as described here.

GMRS / FRS Radio Usage on Club Trips:  The Los Alamos Mountaineers encourage you to carry portable "family" radios as a safety measure on appropriate LAM trips, and urge participants to agree on a contact channel at the beginning of the trip.  As a default, if no channel has been selected, LAM suggests channel 3.14.  These three first digits of "pi" might be easily remembered in this scientific community.

Borrow Equipment: We have a limited amount of mountaineering equipment for loan (e.g., avalanche transceivers). Contact our Equipment Manager listed on this page.



Trip Leaders: Anyone can lead a trip! Post your trip by logging in and then going here. If you do not have an account, contact the webmaster. For overnight trips, please ensure that membership waivers for participants are current and recorded by the club Membership Chairperson prior to your trip. Non-members may participate in day trips. All club sponsored trips require the trip waiver. After the trip, please scan and email a PDF of the waiver to the Trip Coordinator.
  • 2023 Avalanche Refresher

    Michael Altherr
    505 412-0061
    Wed, 2023-12-06
    Leader Email:
    Are dogs allowed?: 
    Not allowed

    Are you a winter backcountry enthusiast? Do you earn your turns by climbing the hills to ski or board down? Is a snowshoe to a remote location something that interests you? Have you considered visiting a hut in the wintertime? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should ask yourself, what do I know about avalanches? What do I know about transceivers? Probably more importantly what do I know about my partners ability to use a transceiver? Well, grab your avalanche kit and your partner(s) and come out and enjoy a day of snow-play at the start of the season.

  • Gear Drive for Santa Fe Homeless Shelters

    Mary Thompson, Marilyn Yeamans, Jean Dewart
    Wed, 2023-12-13
    Leader Email:
    Are dogs allowed?: 
    Not allowed

    Dear Mountaineers, Santa Fe homeless shelters are asking for donations of warm clothing and gear for the many people in need. Please bring your donations to the Wednesday December 13th potpouri meeting at Fuller Lodge and we will take them to the shelters*! We are looking for intact jackets, pants, sweaters, socks, boots, hats, gloves, raingear, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, blankets, and sleeping pads for men, women, and children. If you bring a bag of socks, please label them for men, women, or children so we know where to deliver them.

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