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Introduction to Backpacking - Classroom (Santa Fe)

Thu, 2013-06-27
Rick LIght

For adult hikers who want to experience the backcountry beyond day hikes. Both beginner backpackers and those with experience will benefit from the presentations (either June 18 presentation or this class) and guided backpacking trip (July 20/21). Participants can choose to participate in any of the three courses independently. Beginners are highly encouraged to attend one of the two classes before buying gear for the actual trip.
 Thursday, June 27, from 6 - 7:30PM at REI in Santa Fe. Instructor: Rick Light
For adult hikers who want to experience multi-night trips into the backcountry, these clinics benefit both beginner backpackers and those with experience. Emphasis is on the following topics:
- Backpacker thinking and "Leave No Trace" principles
- Equipment lists based on the 10 Essentials
- Gear selection and modular packing methods
- Staying healthy
- Responsible camping
PowerPoint slides from the class are available on the web (e-mail Rick for the link).
Class is free, but you must register at REI's website.

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