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Twelve-mile hike to Yapashi Pueblo and the Shrine of the Stone Lions

Sat, 2013-05-04
Bart Olinger

This hike is number 34 in Craig Martin’s 100 Hikes in New Mexico. This is a 12 mile one-way hike with elevation ranging from 5,670 to 7,580 feet. The hike begins at the Ponderosa camp ground near the intersection of state road 501 and 4. It goes through upper Frijoles Canyon, upper Alamo Canyon, then proceeds to the Shrine of the Stone Lions and the ruins of Yapashi Pueblo. The prehistory of Pajarito Plateau in relation to that of the Southwest will be discussed. Pottery shards will be examined and used to explain the occupation of the Plateau. The hike continues through middle Alamo Canyon, through Lummis Canyon, and down into Frijoles Canyon to the visitors center.
We will meet at the Bandelier National Monument visitors center at 8:30 am, Saturday, May 4, pay our registration fees, and then proceed to the Ponderosa camp ground in half the vehicles. We should finish the hike in 7 hours or by 4:00 pm. Bring hiking poles and a daypack with 2 quarts of water, lunch, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing. Email or phone Bart Olinger at or 500-6901 to be included on the hike. We will restrict the number of participants to 10.

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