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Red Wash Canyon day hike (Abiquiu)

Sun, 2013-03-31
Bill Priedhorsky

One of the classic cool season hikes in our neighborhood is Red Wash Canyon near Abiquiu, which straddles the boundary between the Colorado Plateau and the Santa Fe formation that fills the Rio Grande rift. It is surrounded by colorful rock formations, includes a slot canyon of sorts, and, at the top, opens into the Arroyo del Cobre (Copper Canyon), home for even more spectacular formations. Photos of Red Wash itself can be found here and here. This is an exploration of moderate difficulty that will be 6 to 9 miles round trip, depending on how ambitious we feel. Despite its classic standing, this will be a new trip for me, but I'm sure we can find our way to an interesting adventure.
This time of year, our plans are a function of weather. Things look promising for Sunday, with a prediction of mostly sunny and a high of 66 degrees. We will meet in Los Alamos at 11 AM, carpool to Abiquiu with a stop at Bode's (if you like) for a snack or to pick up lunch stuff, and spend the afternoon exploring Red Wash. Bring lunch, water, hat, sunscreen, and clothing suitable for whatever weather arises. On the way back, dinner at the Abiquiu Inn or in Espanola is an option for those interested.
If you are interested but find Easter to be an awkward day to go, let me know, and we can look at other possibilities. But I'd like to go if we can assemble a party.

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