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Cerro Pedernal

Sun, 2012-11-04
JIm Ivanovich

Cerro Pedernal is the square peak that Georgia O' Keefe used in her pictures. The view is amazing with the Jemez in one direction, Abiquiu Lake and the high desert in another. This hike has a short rock scrambling right near the top. If you skip the last scramble it's still a good hike   - just not the same view.
Meet at Sullivan Field at 9 am. we'll carpool the hour and 1/2 to Pedernal trailhead. If we have high clearance vehicles the hike can be shortened by 1-2 miles.
Round Trip Distance: 8 miles 
Round Trip Time:6-7 hours
Gain: ~1,862'
Rating: Moderate in miles but has short rock scrambling section near top
Pace: Moderate to Strenuous
 Weather looks fine so far but it could be windy. much of this trail is exposed to North winds.


We did this recentily, parked off the road at the base of the last steep rise in the road, walked the last mile+ of road to the trailhead, hiked up, circumnavigated the ridge, and were back down to the car in 3 hours car-to-car, and we're not fast.
IMO the dicey part of this is not the 12' 4th class section, but a short marbles-on-dirt section of trail a ways above that.

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