North American Classic Climbs


Lowland Rock Climbs

Technical difficulties are entirely or almost entirely on rock in usual season. Relatively easy access; lower altitudes with no or minor alpine hazards and influence.

Lowland Rock Alpine Rock Alpine Mixed Snow & Ice



Quite Serious

Very Serious

Third Flatiron, East Face

Half Dome, Snake Dike

Epinephrine (Red Rocks) Top 25

Squamish Chief, Grand Wall Top 25

Devil's Tower, Durrance

Lost Arrow Spire, Rim to Tip

Eagle Dance (Red Rocks)

Washington Column, Astroman Top 25

Whitney-Gilman (Cannon Mtn.)

The Yellow Spur (Eldorado Canyon)

Moonlight Buttress, Lowe/Weiss Top 25

Rainbow Wall,Original

Ancient Art, Stolen Chimney

Crimson Chrysalis (Red Rocks) Top 25

Questa Dome, Questa Direct

Half Dome, NWF, regular Top 25

Fairview Dome, NF Regular

Prince of Darkness (Red Rocks)

Moses Tower, Primrose Dihedrals Top 25

El Capitan, The Nose Top 25

Middle Cathedral Rock, E. Buttress

Castleton Tower, SF, Kor/Ingalls

Washington Column , SF

El Capitan, Salathé Wall

Royal Arches, Regular

The Mace, EF

Leaning Tower, WF (Harding)


Lover's Leap,Traveler Buttress

Spaceboyz (Potrero Chico)

Titan, Finger of Fate



Tahquitz Rock, Whodunit

The Naked Edge (Eldorado Canyon)


Spaceshot (Zion)

Sentinel Rock, Steck-Salathé


Devil's Tower, El Matador

Scenic Cruise (Black Canyon) Top 25