North American Classic Climbs


Snow & Ice Climbs

Technical difficulties are entirely or almost entirely snow/ice. Includes snow slogs, expeditionary peaks with no or very minor rock sections, and frozen waterfalls.

Lowland Rock Alpine Rock Alpine Mixed Snow & Ice



Quite Serious

Very Serious

Mt. Athabasca, NF

High on Boulder (Wyoming)

Keystone Greensteps (Valdez, AK) Top 25

Mt. Hunter, WR

Pico Orizaba, N. Side

Bridalveil Falls (Valdez, AK)

The Sorcerer (AB)

Mt. Logan, ER Top 25

Mt. Mendel, Mendel Couloir

Bourgeau Left (AB)

Stairway to Heaven (UT)


Stairway to Heaven (CO)

Mt. Rainier, Liberty Ridge Top 25

Polar Circus (Cirrus Mt.) Top 25


Mt. Robson, Kain Face

Denali, Muldrow Glacier



Mt. Fairweather, Carpé (SE) Ridge




Moose's Tooth., Ham & Eggs Top 25