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Norbert's History Photos

Frank Pretzel (center) and Bob Day on Mt. Lindsey.  They both died in the Maroon Bells accident along with

Herbert Ungnade in 1965.   (Ken Ewing photo, July 1956)



Emily Wilbanks, (?), Larry Campbell, and (?).



Mountaineers on a summit. Person in Black hat may be Herbert Ungnade. (John Ramsey photo?, ca. 1960)


Mountaineers group on a Colorado summit.  (Photographer unknown, 1950's?).


Mountaineers expedition to Greenland. Eiichi Fukishima seated in blue jacket, Larry Campbell seated in  maroon jacket,  Don Liska standing in red jacket.   (1971 photo).

France Cordova at the South Pole (2022 photo).



Mountaineers crossing the Colorado River In a raft they carried on the Eminence Break-Nakowaerp-Powell Route loop. Bob Nelson top, Carl Keller rear. (Bob Cowan photo, May 1975).

Mountaineers after exiting the Powell Route at the Grand Canyon. Standing:  (?), Carl Keller, Bob Nelson, Dennis Brandt, Mario Schillaci, Sitting: (?), Bob Cowan, Merle Wheeler, Jim Michael, Norbert Ensslin (Bob Cowan photo, May 1975).


Skiing in the Valle Grande. (?), Dave Brown, Larry Dauelsberg.  (ca 1970's)


Overnight ski mountaineering trip in New Mexico or Colorado. (?), Alice Liska, Dave Brown, Don Liska. (ca 1960's)


Colorado trip with Dave Barlow,  Roy Przelaka (sp?), Chris Foster, (?), France Cordova. (Chris Foster  photo? ca. late 1970's).


Uncompahgre climbing trip. Mario Schillaci, Al Bouchier,  Dennis Brandt, George Rinker (Chris Foster  photo, ca. 1970's)


Peach Wash backpack trip. Norbert Ensslin, Karen Foster, Chris Pearson, Dennis Brandt, (?), Andy Krohn, Judy Buckingham, George Rinker (Chris Foster photo, ca. 1970's).

Rick Smith on "Question of Balance," Questa Dome (Chris Foster photo, ca. 1990s)



Mark Zander on "Naked Edge," Eldorado Canyon (Chris Foster photo, ca. 1990s)



Jan Studebaker on "Chickenheads," Tres Piedras  (Chris Foster photo, ca. 1990's)



Brazos Cliffs:   Mark Zander on "Heart Face,"  Brazos Cliffs  (Chris Foster photo, ca. 1980's)


Mike Fazio, Mark Zander, Dave Barlow at the Brazos Overlook (Chris Foster photo, ca. 1980's)



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