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Life Members

George Bell

From Mountaineers biography page: “George Irving Bell was one of the clubs most well
known, distinguished, and esteemed members… His club friends fondly remember his
wonderful mountaineering and climbing adventures, and valued his patience with others and
his ability to mentor and lead in a very relaxed manner, while instilling trust and confidence
in all.” He was known for his pioneering climbing accomplishments in the Himalayas,
Shiprock, and elsewhere.

Virginia Bell

Spousal life member, but also Lifetime Achievement Award 2010, on the 50 th anniversary of
George’s ascent of Masherbrum. The award was described as the Mountaineers highest
honor, and the press release reads: “to honor George’s achievements as well as her own.
Carved into the award are the words ‘In living the outdoor life, you inspire us all.’ Ginny’s
life has been rich with hiking, river rafting, and trekking everywhere from the Himalayas to

David Brown

No bio on LAM web page, but club member for decades, and pioneering climber.

Gary Clark 

From LAM biography page: “Gary and Lynn Clark have been members of the Mountaineers
since their arrival in Los Alamos in 1985 to begin new careers at LANL... They have been
life and climbing partners since 1976, when they met at a slide show Gary presented on
climbing in the Alps. [Their highly accomplished climbing career is detailed further on the
bio page]
Gary served as LAM Vice President and Climbing School Director twice, and as Revered
Potentate of Presentation Technology (Audiovisual Geek) for many years. He was given
Life Membership in 2001, an honor he will treasure.”

Lynn Clark

Eiichi Fukushima 

October 2016: “In addition to his years of service to the U.S. climbing community through
the AAC, he is a former LAM Board President, Vice President and climbing school director”
from nomination by Michael Altherr, in acknowledgement of the celebration of Eiichi's 50th
Anniversary summiting Mt. Vinson.

Don Liska and Carol Alice Liska

From bio page: “Don Liska is unquestionably one of LAM's most experienced mountaineers
and adventurers. He has been a member of the American Alpine Club for many years, and is
a "Lifetime" member of the Los Alamos Mountaineers.” Highly accomplished pioneering
mountaineer and rock climber.
Dick Opsahl 

Granted in August 2010 on the occasion of their move away from town. Their citation reads:
“In recognition for significant contributions to furthering the aims and goals of the Los
Alamos Mountaineers, …This award is in recognition for the indefatigable contributions that
Dick and Judy have made to the club, with their many trips ranging from their own backyard
to the far corners of the world. We will miss having them as neighbors, but look forward to
continuing our adventures together.”

William Priedhorsky

October 2010. On plaque: “Presented to Bill Priedhorsky in recognition of outstanding long-
term dedication, service, and leadership to the Los Alamos Mountaineers”. At that point Bill
had served as president for 3 terms, been on the board since 2003, and had led 100+ trips to
the canyon country and elsewhere.

James (Jim) Straight

Brazos and Yosemite climber, perennial climbing school instructor,

Jan Studebaker *

We believe that his life membership was given around the time that he stepped down from
his webmaster role in 2012. He served as webmaster from the creation of the Mountaineers
web presence in 1997 or earlier. He was also:
 Scheduler of 'Tuesday / Thursday' top roping sessions starting about 1983
 President, 1989 and board member for 7 other years
 Climbing School Instructor for about 18 years
 Leader and Organizer of over one hundred club and personal trips
 Member of the Los Alamos Mountaineers since 1980

Dave Dogruel


* in memoriarium

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