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Rail to Trail Biking. (And, gear swap, too!)

Wed, 2016-05-18

Please join us Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 at the Los Alamos Crossroads Church for an exciting presentation by LAM member Chris Horley on biking the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (C&O) trail. Here are Chris' inspirational words:

"Ok, come on. At some point in your life haven’t you thought about just getting on that bike and not looking back. Jump on that peddle hog in your garage and do it. Well, maybe this is not Easy Rider, but it sure comes close. There are several long rides you can do for a week or two and just let the scenery roll by. There is no better way to see the countryside than pedaling on a bike path and camping out or staying in cheap or not so cheap hotels, motels and B&B’s. Today there are several such bike paths that were former rail or canal routes. The longest one is the Erie canal ride, which ends up being over 400 miles with the attendant short side trips. This rides starts in Buffalo and ends at Albany, NY. The next longest is the ride from Washington DC to Pittsburg along the C&O canal and joins the GAP (Greater Allegany Pathway) trail. Another nice ride is the Katy trail along the Missouri river that follows the old Kansas and Texas railline.  These rides can be done on any bike with hybrid tires. Getting to the start of these rides can be just as fun by taking yourself and your bike on the AMTRAK train." This month’s featured speaker at the Los Alamos Mountanieers meeting will disclose the when, what and how about doing these adventures. The why is up to you!

Also....prior to the Chris' presentation, we will have a gear swap/sell! Gear swap/sell begins at 6:45 (and will remain until the end of the meeting), followed by social and reports of recent and upcoming trips at 7:00pm. Program at 7:30pm.


Swap or sell that gear you no longer use to make room for the gear you find at this event!  There are no limits to the types of outdoor gear you can bring to the swap; clothes, equipment, supplies, books, etc. Tables will be available. You price your items, or haggle on a price if you choose.


(LAM does not charge a fee for this event, nor take responsibility for the gear that is sold or traded at this event. Any gear that does not sell or trade must return home with the seller.  LAM does not take responsibility for unwanted items.)


We look forward to seeing you, and your gear!



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