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Leading Class

Thu, 2012-07-19
Zack Baker

July 19 (indoor lecture at library, 6:30)
July 21 (Gallow's Edge, 8am)
July 28 (Gallow's Edge, 8am)
The Los Alamos Mountaineers are offering a beginning leading class to
supplement basic climbing knowledge.  This will entail lots of details
that are not extensively covered during the basic LAM class, including
such topics as:

* Falling and its relationship to climbing
* Placement of gear
* Anchors for leaders/belaying the second
* Mistakes to avoid
There will be one night's lecture, and
then two Saturday mornings of outside sport and trad leading with
experienced.  Lead climbing will be the main activity.

The outdoor session will include
* Real falls on trad gear
* Sport climbing
* Trad climbing with passive gear

If you have taken the LAM Climbing School in 2011 or 2012, the class
is free.   If you have some climbing experience but have not taken the
class recently, the cost is $40.   You will need your own rope, but
not your own gear.

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