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Winter is on the way...Please keep our homeless folks in mind!

Mary Thompson
Wed, 2014-11-19

Jan Studebaker and I recently cleaned out our respective gear closets and came up with six sleeping bags, five Thermarest-type sleeping pads, three sleeping bag covers/bivy sacks, and 20+ back packs and day packs, all perfectly functional but not currently in use (believe me, we have plenty of other, newer gear!). Our excess items went to St Elizabeth's Shelter on Alarid St, Santa Fe, but other homeless shelters also welcome camping and outdoor gear (the staff distributes it to clients). Homeless folks can also use your old sweaters, jackets, and boots. If you do not want to make the trip to a shelter yourself, bring your used, intact gear and clothing items to the November LAM meeting. Either Jan or I will pick it all up and deliver it. Thanks! Mary

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