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Ron Morgan

Positions Held:

  • Climbing School Director, 2014

Ron Morgan has been a member since about 2005, and his lifelong addiction to the outdoors and adventure has been greatly enhanced by the “LAM Characters Club.”  Going on fabulous adventures with Rick Light (Grand Canyon), Bill Priedhorsky (the Escalante), and Momo Vuyisich (the slot canyons of the Paria River) have been enlightening and fulfilling.
                                   Hiking in the Escalante

Ron took the Climbing School in 2009 with Bill Geist and hasn't given up climbing yet, despite a general creakiness brought on by advanced age, a tendency to grumbliness, and remarkably poor judgement as a teenager.  Steve Reneau is a relentless climbing advocate and mentor, and an anti-creak device unto himself when a good belay is needed to shake out a stiff knee. 
                                   Ice Climbing in Ouray

Climbing isn’t all, of course, when there are skis and bikes (and feet) to fall off of, generally accompanied by bruising.  Nobody has EVER accused Ron of being graceful.
                                 The Mount Taylor Quadrathlon

Ron finds himself trying to avoid injury, now that he's a bit older and a LOT slower.  If anyone actually knows how to do this, please contact him post haste.  He is offering a large portion of his retirement for this information, assuming that "avoiding injury" is not synonymous with "long periods of time spent sitting in a rocking chair."

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