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Jacque Kottenstette

Major LAM Activities and Positions Held:

  • Secretary, 2009

I am a veterinarian originally from Pueblo, Colorado.  I did my undergraduate biology degree at Colorado State University and went on to the University of Illinois for vet school.  I missed the dry warm weather of the southwest, and I'd always loved visiting my uncle in Albuquerque, so I left Illinois as soon as I could!  I started out in Santa Fe and have been working in Los Alamos for about 2 years now.

I joined the mountaineers in April to take the climbing school and improve my climbing abilities.  I do love to be outside camping, hiking, climbing and doing water sports.  I prefer warmweather outdoors activities, but I have tried snow and ice sports.  I recently began doing triathlons and climbing 13'ers and 14'ers.  I feel like I'm new to the mountaineering thing, but I'm enjoying it and expanding my horizons!  Recently, I traveled to Ireland and hiked across southern Ireland with a group, and thoroughly enjoyed the scenery and rain!  I hope I can contribute something, even if a positive attitude, to the mountaineering group as secretary!

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