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Neff Mountain Ski Tour

Sun, 2013-12-15
Michael Altherr

It looks like the San Juans North of Chama have been getting the lion's share of these recent storms. Let's go play! We'll plan to leave the Bank parking lot at 7:30. Drive to the Chama Visitor's Center Bldg. and put on our boots. We'll ski the track (or make one) to the Neff Mtn. yurt, have lunch, look to catch some turns nearby, and return the way we came. We should be back in Los Alamos around 6:00. It's been a couple of years since I've done this trip, but my recollection is that the trail to the yurt is a modest climb and, by itself, is accommodating for advanced beginners on appropriate equipment (not skinny track skis). I also recall some slopes in the area that can be entertaining for advanced intermediate skiiers. If you have a an avalanche kit (transceiver, probe and shovel) bring it with.
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