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La Cueva to San Antonio Hot Springs Ski Tour

Sat, 2014-03-01
Norbert Ensslin and Scott Baily

NOTE: Sign up for this trip is via email to the trip leaders, NOT via the Mountaineers website.  Advanced signup is required by Thursday night, February 6th 
We will start from the highway near La Cueva and go to the San Antonio Hot Springs.  The tour will be led by Norbert Ensslin and is intended to meet up at the hot springs with the ski party coming from Pajarito Mountain, led by Scott Baily. Our goal is to have a fun, relaxed day of skiing, and hopefully provide some support (in the way of drinks, goodies, broken track, car switches, etc.) for tired skiers coming all the way from Pajarito.
This ski tour is roughly 10 miles round trip, but skiers can also go part way and turn back whenever they want, without having to go all the way to the hot springs.  So this trip is appropriate for a beginner or intermediate level of cross-country ski touring experience and is easy to moderate. The trip is open to members of the Los Alamos Mountaineers, the Southwest Nordic Ski Club, and their guests.  All skiers must sign a Los Alamos Mountaineers Club trip waiver before departing.  We will try to bring enough cars so that we can take the skiers that are coming from Pajarito Mountain back to Los Alamos with us. 
Let's depart from the Sullivan Field parking lot at 10 AM on Saturday, Feb. 8th.  We will have a late lunch at the San Antonio Hot Springs, then either wait for Scott's party to arrive or ski slowly back to the cars and wait for them there.  For those going all the way to the hot springs, you may wish to bring a small towel and perhaps a small pad to sit on while changing clothes.  If there is not enough snow on February 8th, or if there is a snowstorm, or too much snow for Scott Baily's party to do the trip from Pajarito Mountain, we will postpone to February 22 or later.

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