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Rappel Pajarito Gorge

Sun, 2013-09-29
Dan Creveling

With all of the rain lately, our local canyoneering spots have likely changed a bit. I'd like to go down Pajarito Gorge in White Rock to check out what is new (like the large tree branch in the first pothole). We will start at 9am and I expect we will be back at the parking area around noon-1pm (depends on the number of people). If there is time and interest, we can head over to Potrillo Canyon when we are finished in Pajarito. Potrillo may have some new anchor building challenges at the second and third rappels.
Prerequisite: Recent rappelling experience.
When: Sunday, September 29th, 9am.
Where: Meet at the trailhead parking area. The cul-de-sac at the end of Kimberly Lane in White Rock.
What: Rappelling down Pajarito Gorge. Four rappels, longest is about 120'. Very likely that you will get wet at least covering your feet, so bring proper footwear. If entering the potholes, you may want a farmer john wetsuit or some other type of neo. The hike out will involve some 3rd class scrambling.
Minimum technical gear: Helmet, climbing harness, rappel device, gloves, safety tether, a few locking carabiners, footwear that can get wet, neo if entering the pothole and you get cold easily, a whistle is you have one.
Other: Of course, bring water, snacks, etc. that you would normally bring for a ~3 hour long hike.

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