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After-work Natural Arch hike

Wed, 2013-08-07
Kei Davis

Back once more by popular demand.  This is an evening after work to visit our remarkable natural arch.  Besides the arch are big views of Los Alamos and well beyond, and an introduction to the first part of Mitchell Trail that starts any number of much longer hikes.

This short hike is nominally for summer students and visitors, but all are welcome, particularly if you've never been to our local natural arch.

Car-to-car (round-trip) would be about 50 minutes at a moderately brisk pace with no breaks, so we'll plan on it taking no more than 1.5 hours to include breaks, sight-seeing, and photos, and to allow for a more leisurely pace for those unaccustomed to the altitude as the latter part entails a moderate ascent.

Normally a local area hike practically requires carrying water and having a hat and/or sunscreen, but given the length of this hike and the time of the day these are still suggested but are optional.  Depending on the weather, though, a rain jacket might be a good idea.  This hike won't be canceled for light or intermittent rain, but will be canceled for torrential rain or lightning danger.

Some of us will depart from the TA-3, building 2011 parking lot at 6:10pm Wednesday July 24, arriving at the Mitchell trailhead about five minutes later (see attached two maps).  We'll start hiking from the trailhead at 6:20 sharp, so for those meeting at the trailhead (most, I would expect), plan to be there no later than 6:15pm.

There's no sign up--just show up at the trailhead!

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