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Three day boat trip to the Channel Islands National Park, California

Wed, 2013-09-04
Dick Opsahl

Join the Opsahls for a 3 day trip exploring the Channel Islands off Santa Barbara, California on a 68 foot 30 passenger motor boat. The trip boards in Santa Barbara at 8 PM, Wednesday, Sept 4 and returns at 5 PM Saturday, Sept 7. All meals are included, and special diets can be accomodated. Activities include naturalist led hikes on uninhabited islands with unique fauna and flora, bird watching, frolicking with sea lions, sea kayaking and snorkeling, even stand up paddling (equipment can be rented). Sleeping in curtained off single or double bunks. For those coming from Los Alamos, the Opsahls can help arrange additional activities before and/or after the boat trip, such as camping/hiking in Pinnacles National Monument and along the Big Sur Coast. Cost is approximately $500 per person.  A You Tube video is attached highlighting prior expeditions in the same boat. Although SCUBA is shown we will not offer SCUBA on this trip. Initial deposit to be $100. After the trip fills we will maintain a stand by list.




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