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Moderate hike to the Ullrfest

Sat, 2012-09-29
Kei Davis

Counterpoint to running to the hill, how about a moderate walk/hike instead.  Join Lisa and Kei 9:00 a.m. Saturday September 29 at the Sullivan Field parking lot.  From there it's a walk through the western area, then up Quemazon trail to Guaje Ridge.  Greet the hard-core as they stagger past us near the end (they're starting at 11:00am).  Should take FOUR [corrected from email] hours more or less.  Stay for the Ullrfest or not (I think the beer starts flowing at noon and the live music starts at 1:00pm), catch a bus back to Sullivan Field.
NOTE:  Please sign up or email reserve the right to change our plans if we get no response--thanks.


Thinking back, this is closer to four hours than three.

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