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Santa Fe Baldy Run

Sun, 2012-09-09
Zack Baker

Join Zack for an exploratory test of a new type of mountaineer's trip, the Blitzwanderung, or "lightning hike."    Have you always felt that hiking was great, that all the scenery was quite lovely, but that it could be improved if the trees were kind of blurry and the scenery changed faster?    Well, here is the solution for you.  Following the German tradition, the Blitzwanderung attacks the mountain with a vengance. 
What:  14 mile round trip from the Santa Fe Ski Basin to Santa Fe Baldy
When: Sept 8.   Leave Los Alamos at 7am to get to the ski basin by 8:30 or so and start running.
How:  Running.  With enough people, different pace groups will form and people can go at their own pace.  We'll pack breakfast for after, so if any particular person is slower it won't be a problem. 
Who: You.  It's probably best if you have run this sort of distance before. 
Please RSVP to Zack at

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