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Ziplining at Angel Fire

Sat, 2012-08-18
Bill Priedhorsky

Jan, Mary, my son, and I are going to try out the new ziplining setup at Angel Fire. We've made a reservation for the 11 AM slot on Saturday, August 18, and would like to invite other Mountaineers to join us. There are four remaining vacancies in the 11 AM tour, and we have not done anything to hold them, so please sign up soon if you would like to join us. Details of the Angel Fire setup can be found here.  The longest run is 1600 feet, peaking at 50 miles per hour, and the runs are set up towards the top of the Angel Fire mountain. To join in, please make your reservation and pay ($89 plus tax) by calling the Angel Fire ticket office (575-377-4320), and send an e-mail to Bill to let him know that you will join us. We will do the outing as a day trip, and will try to optimize carpooling. It should be an adventure!

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