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10-Day Backpacking in the Revelation Mountains, AK

Fri, 2024-07-26
Tanja Pietrass
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1. Trip Overview

This is a 10-day backpacking trip with two contingency days for weather in the very remote Revelation Mountains, Alaska. The Revelation Mountains are the western most part of the Great Alaska Range, home to Denali. The Revelations are not very high (around 9,000 ft) but weather and terrain conditions may be challenging. We will stick to the valleys and cross a few passes. This trip does not require extreme physical conditioning but grit, team spirit, and an adventurous mind. The rewards will be an unforgettable experience in a true wilderness - no trails, no fences, no humans. I am working with a very experienced bush pilot who owns a hunting lodge at the western edge of the Revelations who will provide transport to our start and pick-up points, and help with logistics such as bear spray and camp fuel (which can't be transported on commercial flights). He will also serve as a safety net should we need assistance (reachable via Inreach).

You must have backpacking experience and be familiar with your gear. You should target a pack weight in the 30 - 35 lbs range. It is important that we are balanced as a team so we can move at a pace that is comfortable for all. We will do a few shake-down backpacks beforehand and I expect you to do your best to come along on those. They will support team building before departure, serve as trials and discussion time for gear choices, and be fun.

We have 4 team members at this point and I am looking to fill 2 more spots. Please understand that I may not accept every applicant, depending on experience, physical fitness, attitude, and team discipline (we will jointly decide as to what time we will begin hiking the next day, and attendees must know their morning routine so that they will be ready). 

2. Schedule:

July 26: Departure from Anchorage as a group to Eagle River (ca 20 miles from Anchorage) where we will spend the night before our departure into the woods.

July 27 - August 7: Transfer to our hiking start point by push plane and the hike to our pick-up point. We are planning on 60 miles, so ca. 6 miles daily. Note that route finding and the absence of trails will make for much slower progress than you are used to. If we arrive at camp early, it will give us the opportunity to explore, go fishing, or rest.

August 8: Pick-up and flight back to Eagle River.

August 9 and 10: Contingency days in case there are weather/visibility issues on Aug. 8. If this is the case, we will stay put at our pick-up point. We will communicate with our pilot via Inreach.

August 10 evening (or earlier, depending on weather): Return to Anchorage for our flights home (maybe we'll spend this night in Eagle River depending on our departure times from ANC).

August 11: Departure from ANC to our various homes. 

Obviously, participants may choose to arrive earlier or depart later and add some vacation days in Anchorage and surroundings. 

3. Safety

Traveling in a group enhances safety. We will all carry bear spray, be circumspect, and mindful about choosing a cooking site as well as food handling and storage. We will have extensive safety discussions at our shake-down backpacks and pre-trip Zoom meetings, and coordinate safety and first aid gear.

4. Cost

In addition to the bush flight (ca. $1,450 -$1,600 depending on fuel prices), you will need to buy an air-ticket to Anchorage (around $600-$800), and a few nights of accommodation and food before and after the trip. A tip for the bush pilot (if we are happy with his services) will likely be appreciated. 

5. Down-payment

A  down-payment of $1,400 for the bush plane transport is required to secure your spot. If someone drops out, we will do our best to find a replacement. However, if it is too late or we are not successful, the down-payment will not be reimbursable.


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