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Power-Up Series Winter!

Thu, 2024-01-25
Tadz Kostrubala
Are dogs allowed?: 

This is not an official Los Alamos Mountaineers event, but it is being posted as a general interest item for our club members.  This is the first of a series - we will meet on Thursday mornings as long as there is snow!

When: Thursdays at 6 AM

Where: Bottom of Aspen Lift; Skin to P-Tree or top of Mother lift

Narrative: Need to stay in shape but want some motivation? Come skin, snowshoe or hike up Pajarito with us! Leave promptly from the bottom of Aspen Lift, heading up to the P-Tree (tree in middle of Pussycat run with Pussycat sign). From here go to the top of Mother lift, ski down and skin a second run or other. This is a “race your pace” activity means go slow and chat, push yourself a bit, or get your timer started, v02 max held and hit the max. Look for Tadz Kostrubala with necklace of lights. Check Facebook page for photo updates and condidtions reports. See you there!

For more information contact Tadz Kostrubala at,

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