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XC Ski Valles Caldera

Sun, 2024-01-07
Jean Dewart
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Are dogs allowed?: 
Not allowed

Let's do a XC ski in the Valles Caldera on Sunday January 7th.

I would like to do a 4-5 hour ski.  I'd like to start from one of the breaks in the fence, as you first drive down into the Caldera on State Rte 4 - but am not sure that the parking area will be plowed.  So, it may be possible that we start at Coyote Call, or that we might have to go all the way to the Visitor Center.  (the Caldera web page that the road will be plowed by mid day Friday, 1/5, but I know this is a goal, not a certainty).

So, let's meet at the Los Alamos high school Sullivan Field parking lot at 9:30 am on Sunday - and we will carpool/caravan up and see where there will be parking.

Backcountry skis - metal edges with fishscales are appropriate for this tour.  It's not a tour for AT gear or XC ski racing gear.  

Snowshoers are welcome if we find 2 people - and ask the snowshoers not to walk on the ski tracks.

Let me know if you can come -  bring knapsack, water, lunch, layers of clothing, gloves, hats, gaiters, ski glide wax & scraper.  I will bring along my climbing skins - just because.  



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