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Summiting New Mexico’s highest 186 peaks

Tue, 2024-03-26



Phil Robinson will speak about New Mexico’s highest peaks at the March 26 Mountaineers meeting. While hundreds have summited all of the Colorado’s more than 50 14ers, the retired Albuquerque Public Schools science teacher is the only person who has hiked New Mexico’s highest 186 peaks (with the exception of a pair of 12,000-foot peaks in the Taos Pueblo.) He has hiked over 100 other peaks.

He started working on the states 13,000-and 12,000- foot peaks, then kept going to tackle those in the 11,000s and highest of the 10,000-foot summits. His goal evolved into hiking the highest 102 major peaks (Mountains with a prominence of 300 feet and above.) as well as the minor peaks in between.

Robinson, 69, began his quest in 2006 and completed it in September of 2021 by summiting Mount Phillips, an 11,741-foot peak located in Philmont Scout ranch near Cimarron. He continues hiking adding more obscure peaks to the very inclusive list and leads cardio hikes to stay in shape. He hopes to hike Kilimanjaro at age 70.

He will be sharing his adventures; favorites, logistically most difficult, physically most difficult, equipment, fun stories, sharing pictures and 3D representations of hikes.

Robinson says, “As I drive through New Mexico I no longer just see mountain peaks. To me every peak is an adventure story. I relive those stories as I drive through New Mexico.”

We welcome all to this Mountaineers’ meeting, on the regular fourth Tuesday of the month. The social hour, with cookies, begins at 6:45 PM and the program at 7:00 PM. The presentation will be streamed at Los Alamos Nature Center; the slides will be live-streamed on Zoom. Registration is required to Zoom and recommended for in-person – we would love to see your smiling face. Registration for in-person and on-line participation is at

Online materials about Robinson's adventures include:

A very inclusive list of the highest 186 (190) peaks in New Mexico and location map.

Over 200 trip reports, GPS treks, Google Earth 3D views of hikes and over 2600 beautiful NM high country pictures.

A slowly assembling collection of YouTube videos of the highest peaks in New Mexico

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