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Bluff Hiking weekend Nov. 29 - Dec. 3

Wed, 2023-11-29
Bill Priedhorsky
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Not allowed

We have many times travelled to Bluff, Utah for a taste of the canyon country. Bluff is less than six hours from Los Alamos and, situated along the San Juan River, at a low altitude best suited for trips late or early in the season. Even at the beginning of December the average daily high is around 50 F. There are numerous places to hike and explore from Bluff, including the ruins and big views of Comb Ridge, the canyons accessible from Cedar Mesa, the canyon rim just north of Bluff itself, and farther afield to places like White Canyon. I have reserved a vacation rental in Bluff, the Adams house owned by the Recapture Lodge, for a four-night stay, arriving the evening of Wednesday November 29 and leaving on Sunday the 3rd, giving us 3 days to explore. I will be leading day outings every day. If the trip grows, there are some other rentals in Bluff that we can expand into. The Adams House has four bedrooms and two baths. The bathrooms will be shared; there is no master suite. If we fill the house with two couples and two singles, the cost per bedroom should be about $250 single/$375 double, total for the weekend. We will have dinners together in the house, including anyone who is in other lodging. I don’t expect the restaurant situation in December to be particularly promising. Please contact Bill for information, to reserve a room in the house, or for advice on staying elsewhere in town. I hope you can join in the adventure. To reserve a slot, please get Bill a deposit of $250 single/$375 double; we will settle up to reflect the final cost.

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