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Graduate Climbing Day at Las Conchas

Sun, 2023-06-11
Norbert Ensslin
Are dogs allowed?: 
Not allowed

We would like to schedule another climbing day for the graduates of this year’s Climbing School.  The goal is to introduce the graduates to other climbers in the Mountaineers, and introduce them to another of our favorite local climbing areas.   This trip will be to the Cattlecall Wall at Las Conchas in the Jemez, on Sunday, June 11th.  This area tends to get crowded, so I propose meeting there at 9 AM to get started.  However, climbers are also welcome to show up later, if that works better for their schedules.  We can stay until mid-afternoon, or until it rains, or until we’re tired out!

All Club climbers are welcome, and help in setting ropes and belaying will be appreciated!    Graduates of this year’s Climbing School are especially invited.  Please bring your climbing helmets, harnesses, shoes, raingear, and lunch.  If you don’t already have some of this gear, we can borrow some of the Club’s equipment.

If you can come, please reply to Norbert at, so we’ll know how many climbers to expect.  Hope to see you!

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