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Pajarito Gorge for Climbing School graduates [Canyoneering]

Sun, 2023-06-04
Daniel Creveling
Leader Email: 
Are dogs allowed?: 
Not allowed

I would like to invite recent climbing school graduates on a descent of Pajarito Gorge in White Rock. Others are invited too, but the 2023 climbing school students get priority. This is not a class or workshop… just a canyon descent. Prior on-rope experience is required, but not canyoneering experience. I will go over some subtleties with single rope rappelling since that probably wasn’t part of the climbing school. This canyon has four rappels, longest is 120 feet. Your feet may get wet during the descent. The hike out has a bit of 3rd class scrambling in the sun. We may need to cancel at the last minute due to weather, but that's how it goes sometimes with canyoneering.

Minimum required gear:

Harness, helmet, rappel/belay device, safety tether, sturdy shoes.

Other things to bring:

Water, lunch/snacks, hat, sunscreen, small backpack, rappelling gloves

Limit 8 people. We will try to start around 8am (meaning trailhead around 7:30am) and should be out around 1-2pm. Send me an email to sign up. I will send out more details the day before the trip.


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