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Pajarito - Valles - Pipeline Loop

Mon, 2023-05-29
Bill Priedhorsky
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Are dogs allowed?: 
Not allowed

Let's hike a lovely but not well-known loop in our own neighborhood to celebrate Memorial Day. We will leave from the Pajarito parking lot, go partway up the ski hill to a route that descends into the Valles Caldera, traverse the caldera for a couple of miles to Pipeline Road, then head back up to the caldera rim and through Canada Bonita back to Pajarito. Because the leader has an engagement the evening before, we will have a late start, at 9:30 AM. Plan to be out most of the day, and bring lunch, sun protection, and be prepared should it turn cool and rainy. The route comprises several miles, and will take most of the day. Please contact Bill Priedhorsky to join the outing - details for meeting up will be shared with participants.

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