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Climbing Afternoon for Climbing School Graduates

Sun, 2023-05-21
Norbert Ensslin
Are dogs allowed?: 
Not allowed

I would like to schedule some climbing afternoons for the graduates of this year’s Climbing School.  The goal is to introduce the graduates to other climbers in the Mountaineers Club, and to show them some of our local climbing areas.   As a start, let’s go to Gallows Edge next Sunday, May 21st, from 2 to 6 PM in the afternoon.  We will meet at the public access trailhead between 719 and 721 Meadow Lane in White Rock at 2 PM.

Graduates of this year’s Climbing School are especially invited.  Please bring your climbing helmets, harnesses, and shoes.  If you already have climbing ropes and anchor gear, please bring that also.  I would also like to invite experienced climbers who are members of the Mountaineers and who can help set ropes and belay others.  Please email Norbert at if you are coming, so we know how many people to expect.

Graduates:  Whether or not you can come on Sunday, would you please send me an email with some information on your future climbing interests?  Would you like to see more day trips scheduled, or would you prefer to link up with somebody at the evening top rope sessions?  Would you prefer Saturday, Sunday, or weekday outings?  Are there any particular areas that you would like to visit, etc.?

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