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Canyoneering (Climbing School talk and demonstration)

Dan Creveling
Wed, 2023-04-12

This event can be of value to a beginner curious about the canyoneering skills and destinations, or an experienced climber/canyoneer wanting to brush up on their knowledge. Experienced canyoneer Dan Creveling will cover the basics of and technical information about canyons in the American southwest, at the Nature Center (PEEC) planetarium from 7:00 to 8:30 PM. This is the second of two classroom sessions associated with the 2023 Los Alamos Mountaineers Climbing School. Registration is limited to 50 participants and advance registration is required. The first session will cover Knots & Anchors on Wednesday, March 29.

This will be a high-level introduction to canyoneering with no hands-on skills practice. The instructor will begin by describing what canyoneering is, and how it relates to other on-rope activities like climbing and caving. The canyon rating system will be introduced, as well as some popular online resources for finding information (technical features and current conditions) about canyons in the American southwest. We will discuss the best types of clothing, packs and shoes for technical canyon trips, and introduce the technical equipment necessary to safely descend canyons. Emphasis will be given to the differences in gear choices between climbing and canyoneering, and the expanding options of canyoneering specific gear. Types of anchors common in canyoneering will be presented, along with specific techniques for rigging a rope to the anchor which allow for rapid rescue (contingency rigging). The course will cover rope skills useful in canyoneering, including locking off, adding friction, and knot passing. Other skills necessary for trip leaders or groups descending advanced canyons will be briefly mentioned. We will finish with a basic summary of the hazards associated with canyoneering, and a survey of popular canyoneering destinations in the American southwest. Throughout the talk, there will be pictures from club canyoneering trips, examples of canyoneering gear on display, and demonstrations of techniques including contingency rigging, haul systems, and on-rope skills.

This is an in-person event with no remote option. Registration is at

Instructor Dan Creveling in his element.

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