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Cancelled: Get out of New Mexico and go hiking

Wed, 2022-06-08
Bill Priedhorsky
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CANCELLED for lack of interest. I may organize something that takes fewer days over the same weekend. BP


It appears that our access to the out of doors in northern New Mexico will be nearly cut off for several weeks to come. Things are not as bad in Colorado. The Rio Grande National Forest is in stage 1 fire restrictions, with fire danger at Very High (but not extreme). So one can hike there. I suggest a weekend just across the border, finding lodging like an airbnb big enough for the party, and using that as a base for day hiking. Possible destinations are Pagosa, or the area south of it, Salida and environs, or if we can find a place to stay, the Conejos valley. We would be looking at a 3 to 4 hour drive, not more. Let me know if you are interested, and where you would like to go. I would leave town on the morning of Wednesday June 8, get across the border in time for a little outing, spend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday hiking, then return home on Sunday the 12th, perhaps with a morning outing. The hiking would be in the high country, but not extremely strenuous. Let me know if you are interested and we can organize from there. Sincerely, Bill


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