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Ski the powder at Purgatory Feb. 21-23

Mon, 2022-02-21
Charlie Strauss
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Are dogs allowed?: 
Not allowed

Looks like Purgatory will have a massive snowstorm starting Monday evening.  Moderate winds and temperatures, and only light snow during the days.  Let's go powder hounds! When a critical mass joins I'll arrange a two night vrbo near Purgatory ( or failing that we're all on our own for hotels).  Purgatory is a large, scenic, ski area; some of the Pajarito passes offer free or discounted tickets there. I am expecting the group to divide by interests and abilities during day, attempt to meet for lunch at Diablo on the hill.  We can discuss dinner plans for Tuesday night after people sign up.  Likewise please indicate if you can take passengers , if you are willing to ride with someone else, how many skis and bags snd people your car can hold and if you have no transportation.  Also indicate your expected range of possible departure times on Monday if driving ( storm hits late afternoon Monday so expect potential nasty driving between Chama and Pagosa if you leave late).  I don't yet know what lodging possibilities I'll find, so please let me know your room and bed sharing preferences. Although this is a last minute announcement, snow is coming, so it is worth taking a shot.

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