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Snowshoeing to South Mountain in Valles Caldera

Sun, 2022-02-20
Olivia Li
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Are dogs allowed?: 
Not allowed

On Sunday, Feburary 20th, you are welcome to join me in snowshoeing to South Mountain in Valles Caldera. 

Distance: 8+ miles
Elevation gain: about 1200 feet

The Caldera entrance gate by Highway 4 typically opens by 8:45-8:50. We will meet at the Caldera visitor center by 9am to get permits to drive to the backcountry Headquarter parking. If you want to carpool, please make arrangement with the leader.

We are going to start on VC02 road and snowshoe to the South Mountain summer trailhead. We will then follow the South Mountain trail road to some point where we detour to off trail. This is to save some distance from the winding road. On the top of the South Mountain, there is great view of the Caldera.  On the way down we will also take shortcuts from the road. 

Since we have to return to the visitor center by 4:30-5, we are going to keep a consistently moderate snowshowing pace without many breaks except on the top. 

Experienced snowshoers only.

Please dress in layers, bring snowshoes, poles, gaiters, sunglasses, water, snacks, and lunch. Prepare for a full day of snowshoeing activity. You are expected to take turns in breaking the trails if snow is deep. 

All COVID precautiions still apply. If carpooling, please follow when the driver is requesting passengers to wear masks. 

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