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7-12 Nov. 2012 Moab bike-hike

Wed, 2012-11-07
Bill Priedhorsky

As in our past Moab outings, we will establish a base in a large, comfortable house in Moab, and from there mountain bike, hike, and scramble in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and the wild country immediately around Moab like Behind the Rocks. Some of our most rugged adventures took us no more than two miles from home, yet  we were deep in the wilderness. A report of  the 2010 trip can be found here.

The activity level can be moderately strenuous and includes optional semi- technical activities, up to low-angle rope work, but there will be less strenuous and non-technical options also. Not to mention the mountain bikers thrashing here, there, and everywhere.

The trip will run from Wednesday Nov. 7 through Monday Nov. 12, 2012, getting away on Wednesday at times that will vary car to car. Monday the 12th is a Lab holiday, and Friday is a "B" day off (trade your Friday?).

After the daytime adventuring, we will socialize in the evening with dinners together, either potluck or hitting the town. We will carpool to Moab to minimize driving expenses and not overstrain the parking.

The lodging is called the Moab Retreat House, and details can be found at  I have rented both sides of the house, north and south, with five bedrooms each.

Please let me know if you are interested in this outing. To hold a spot, please send me a deposit of $75 per person. Early signups will get preferred bedroom spots. At this writing (April 29), all the bedrooms are taken, but there are nooks and crannies for singles and a waiting list for bedrooms. One could also stay in a nearby motel and join us for all the outings and dinners. The planning site for this trip can be found here.

Final payment will be due by August 1. We've had a great deal on the house in past years, but unfortunately the rate is going up by 20%. The place is still a bargain. Depending on the quality of accommodation and just how full we fill the house, costs should be between $100 and $200 per person for the 5 nights (generally no discount for shorter stays, and why would you want to miss the fun anyway?).

Note that Moab is about 4 hours from Salt Lake, making this an unusually accessible canyon outing for folks who want to fly in. The drive from Los Alamos is about 6 1/2 hours driving straight through.

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