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Llama trek Ladder Canyon to Silver Falls

Mon, 2022-10-10
Bill Priedhorsky
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Our canyon outing for autumn 2022 will be a fully catered llama trek that totals 10 days and 9 nights. The trip will be limited to 6 participants, supported by 3 guides. All meals will be provided, but we will be on our own for hiking adventures most days. BJ Orozco, proprietor for Llama2Boot, will be our outfitter.

We will enter the wilderness on Day 1, Tuesday, October 11. Our first camp will be at upper Ladder Canyon, which is a favorite destination of Llama2Boot, and our drop camp base in October 2020. As we left camp in 2020, we thought we could find another week of adventure from that base, so we will have plenty to do for a 3-night stay.  The day hikes from this camp include “Cosmic Ashtray”, “Little Cathedral in the Desert” and the impressive canyon system “First and Main”.

When we move camp on Day 4 the adventure really begins.  We will descend to the river on an old stock route leading to a large sand dune.  We will travel the Escalante River to Horse Canyon, our second camp, for two nights.  From this camp the main attraction is Little Death Hollow.

On Day 6 the group will ascend to the bench above Little Death Hollow, following another old stock route.  Once on the Bench there are three canyons to cross, using old trails, as we travel towards Silver Falls.  We hope to camp near the middle of this bench, water permitting and spend the next two days exploring this area.

The trail out is a descent of the spectacular Cliff Spring trail.  We will camp near the mouth of Silver Falls Canyon for our last, one-night camp.  On our last, 10th day (Thursday October 20), we will pack out up Silver Falls Canyon to awaiting vehicles.

The total cost of the catered outing will be $3,600. To join the adventure, first contact Bill Priedhorsky, then secure your reservation with a $1,800 deposit paid to Llama2Boot. As the trip draws closer, we will arrange lodging in the Escalante/Boulder/Torrey area for the nights before and after the trek. We will leave New Mexico on October 9 or 10 for a one- or two-day drive to our overnight lodging (9-10 hours driving).

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