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Transceiver Jamboree

Thu, 2021-10-21
Nicole Gabel and Michael Altherr
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Are dogs allowed?: 
Not allowed

BYOB (bring your own beacon) 

With snow in the forecast, the ski season must be coming soon. Let’s take the opportunity to dust off our transceivers, put in fresh batteries and make sure the units are working as expected before we put skin to ski and strap those boards to boot. If you plan on using the Club’s transceivers at any time this upcoming season this is a great opportunity to get familiar with their operation. It’s also a great opportunity to evaluate the plethora of models that our club comrades have in their possession. 

We will get together at the Pavilion at Urban Park in Los Alamos at 5:00 PM on Thursday after work and we will plan to be there until about 7:00.  We will bury multiple target units to search for in the sand box, and have the opportunity to evaluate the search function of a variety of different models.

While drop-ins are welcome, if you plan to attend please send your phone number to the trip leaders so you can be contacted in the event we need to modify our plans. 

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