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Baja Sea Kayak Trip

October 30 to November 7, 2010

Trip Leader and Author: Dick Opsahl.           Photo Gallery: click here.

Participants: Ray and Joy Green, Ernie and Susan Newman, Paul and Arianthe Stettner, Charlie and Rhonda DeWeese, Arnold and Rachel Wise, Jackie Little, Marilyn Yeamans, Mari Jorgensen, and Dick Opsahl.

The first 8 of us arrived at Loreto, Mexico on 28 October.  Dick Opsahl volunteered to organize transport to the hotel that  we would stay at for a couple of days prior to our kayak launch.  Dick was shanghaied at the transport desk by an offer of transportation to the hotel and glorious free breakfast the next day. All we had to do is look at some new Time shares under construction.  Dick took the bait and it turned out to be a fun thing to do in a dandy bus.

The other 6 arrived the next day. Our total crew was 14.

Here is a photo of the San Javier Mission high in the hills above Loreto. It is the oldest mission in the Baja. We spent a half day hiking around the environs.

After another day of exploration at Loreto we received the pre kayak briefing from our guide Carlos.

We were ready for the first day of kayaking. We loaded up all of our stuff and the equipment provided by Nichols Expeditions and departed in 2 vans to the launch site.

It was possible to carry all of the kayaks and people in and on the 3 motor boats that were to go along with us for the multi day journey.

The clear blue green warm water made it a pleasure to climb out of and on to the motor boats and into the kayaks.

We were set up with large 3 person tents which were occupied by singles or couples. After the kayaking days were filled with hikes, snorkeling and even sometimes yoga.

Kayaks were the real sea worthy feet in “ocean going” type. We each wore spray skirts to prevent water from waves getting into the boat.

Meals and “happy hour” were all taken care of by our excellent crew. There were endless Margaritas and Pacifico cervesa.

During the expedition from Loreto to La Paz we set up tents each night on the beach. The crew generally erected the tents and put up the cook shack kitchen.

As we moved along sometimes the winds were too strong to allow reasonable kayaking. When this happened we would put the kayaks on top of the motor boats. All of us would load into the boats too.

Jackie had her 60th birthday during the trip. There was a grand meal and even a birthday cake. The crew sung the Spanish version of happy birthday in Spanish and we sang along then did the English version.

Another highlight of the trip was swimming with the sea lions.  At one place along the trip we were all in the motor boats and anchored next to a sea lion colony. After a lecture about staying away from the big old males we all donned our wet suits, fins and masks for a romp with the young lions.  They were a very playful lot swimming right up to us and grabbing our arms and elbows. Kind of like the jumping dogs do whey you enter a friendly house. It was an incredible hour.

Every morning before breakfast and just after dawn the crew would launch with our fishermen. Almost every day there was a good catch which went right into the dinner meal.

We spent the last night in a lovely Mexican style hotel at La Paz. The endless fresh water showers felt real good after a week of wash up in the salt water with salt water soap.  Our outfitters provided comfortable transport to the airport for our journey home.

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