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Monthly Public Meeting and Presentation:
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Fuller Lodge on the 3rd Wednesday of each month
Social and reports of recent and upcoming trips at 7:30pm.   Program at 8:00pm.

18, 2012

"Adventures in the Juneau Icefields"

by Matt Heavner

Matt Heavner will describe the Juneau Icefield in Southeast Alaska. Anyone who has visited the city of Juneau, Alaska has very likely visited the Mendenhall Glacier, which is just the very tip of the icefield. The Juneau icefield is the fifth-largest ice field in the Western Hemisphere extending through an area of 3,900 square kilometers.

The view from JIRP Camp 18 at the top of the Vaughan-Lewis icefall overlooks the
Gilkey Trench. The ogives show annual acceleration of the ice flow with lateral moraine.

With a primary focus on describing (with numerous photos) the natural beauty of the icefield, nunataks, and bordering temperature rainforest, the presentation will provide a historical overview of the Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP) - an annual research program that began in 1946 and continues to the present. Matt will also touch upon climate change monitoring and impacts, opportunities for participation in JIRP, and highlight a few adventures on the icefield (e.g. subglacial caving)

Traversing the Lemon Creek Glacier near JIRP Camp 17 for a GPS survey
to determine glacial velocity and mass balance.

Matt led the South East Alaska Monitoring Network for Science, Technology, Education and Research (SEAMONSTER) project, a NASA funded research effort on the Mendenhall and Lemon Creek glaciers from 2006-2010. In addition to being on the faculty at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau from 2003-2010 in the Environmental Science program, Matt was also part of the Juneau Icefield Research Program faculty in 2009 and 2010. After joining Los Alamos National Lab in 2010, Matt has maintained instrumentation and interest in the Juneau icefield.

Past presentations, and occasionally future, can be viewed here.
Visitors are always welcome!  Digital projector compliments of Los Alamos National Bank.

Future Anticipated Program (titles and details subject to change):

    Details to follow soon!

Future Club Speakers:  In addition to frequent presentations by nationally known adventurers, we love to hear from our own members....not that some of you aren't in that group.  A presentation gets you a free club membership and dinner at the restaurant of your choice in Los Alamos.

LAM Member Presentations Wanted! The LAM Board would like to encourage our members to provide more of our monthly presentations.  We understand well that club members are an active lot, with a wealth of activities in their repertoire that can and have been inspiring to new and old members alike.  We have often focused our monthly presentations on the elite of the outdoor adventure world, and perhaps created the undesired effect of squelching the voices of our own members who participate in frequent beautiful and exciting adventures of their own.  Although our own activities are not always "world class", they are representative of what we "weekend" athletes can and do accomplish.  We want many of our programs to inspire the "I can do that" attitude in our members, not merely entertain.  Shock and awe may have their rightful place, but inspiration to participate and shine is our true goal.

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Trip Leaders, please do your best at assigning a combined rating for your trip.

Trip Leaders:  Contact our Webmaster Jan Studebaker to have your trip plan posted on the web site and to be announced to the club via email.  Please make sure waivers for participants are current and recorded by the club Secretary prior to your trip.  In addition, the "Los Alamos Mountaineer's Trip Sign-Up Sheet" includes the trip waiver, and should be used for all club sponsored trips.

Trip Leader Awards: The club is grateful to those who lead our outdoor adventures.  As a token of appreciation, our awards will be a series of caps and hats with the Club logo. To encourage first-time trip leaders, we will award a first hat to anyone who leads a Club trip.  In more detail, we will recognize trip leaders as described here.

GMRS / FRS Radio Usage on Club Trips:  The Los Alamos Mountaineers encourage you to carry portable "family" radios as a safety measure on appropriate LAM trips, and urge participants to agree on a contact channel at the beginning of the trip.  As a default, if no channel has been selected, LAM suggests channel 3.14.  These three first digits of "pi" might be easily remembered in this scientific community.

Borrow Equipment: We have a limited amount of mountaineering equipment for loan (e.g., avalanche transceivers). Contact Zack Baker, our Equipment Manager, at (505) 412-5961 or

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April 14-15, 2012 | El Vado Lake/Heron Lake Hiking and Camping Weekend

August 30-September 3, 2012 | Tenth Mountain Division Hut Trip

November 7-12, 2012 | Biking and Hiking in Moab, Utah

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Ongoing Area and Club Activities:

LA County Redlining Series (Ongoing)                                                                                 Trip Menu | Search

Over the course of this series of hikes, we will cover the entire County trail system ("redlining" all the trails on the map).  Trips happen at 7 o'clock Saturday mornings, on a "whenever the leader feels inspired" basis, probably about twice a month.  They are intended for anyone who wants to get out for a few hours at the start of the weekend, for those who always wanted to explore the country trails but never got around to it, for new hikers (or those new to winter), or for experienced hikers who want a few hours of conditioning.  We aim for 4-7 miles in about 2-3 hours, at a moderate but steady pace with minimal breaks. For more details contact Jonathan Niehof (the leader) at or see the hike series website.

Scheduled Community Top Roping Sessions (Ongoing)                                         Trip Menu | Search

Due to Daylight Saving End and colder evenings, we have stopped scheduling Tuesday/Thursday evening top roping in White Rock. Check our Top Roping page for other options.

Top roping locations are presented as a favor to the climbing community as a whole, and as such, are not activities of the Los Alamos Mountaineers, even though many LAM club members are climbers and take part in the listed climbs.

All top roping participants, regardless of affiliation, are welcome and must assume responsibility for themselves, and the safety of the others at the crags.  Helmet usage is optional, recommended, and seldom observed.  Experienced climbers are usually available to help in the selection of appropriate climbs, to check anchors and to help with belay technique (feel free to ask for help, if in doubt).  You are encouraged to check other's anchors, and report questionable sets to whomever is responsible, or to any other climber/s at the session.  There is no sponsor, and all equipment must be provided by the participants.  Climbing can be dangerous to your health!

Valles Caldera National Preserve Activities (Ongoing)                                Trip Menu | Search

The Valles Caldera National Preserve has an events calendar that allows you to see at a glance which activities and dates might work best for you. It also guides you to the appropriate web page for more information. Click here for this excellent calendar. These are not LAM activities, but are of interest to many members.  Check out their website for details.

Bandelier National Monument Backpacking and Hiking (Ongoing)                Trip Menu | Search

Most of Bandelier National Monument Has Reopened!

Most sections of Bandelier National Monument have reopened to the public. The Las Conchas Fire burned over 146,000 acres during the summer of 2011.  Over 60% of Bandelier's landscape was within the fire's footprint.  Deforestation of upper canyons lead to massive flash flood events. Anyone planning to hike into Bandelier's backcountry should be aware of the increased hazards after fire/flash flood events.  Falling trees, burned out stump holes, missing or eroded trails, and changed landmarks are just some of the dangers.  Nonetheless, management has decided there is minimal danger to experienced hikers with good navigation skills.  A permit is required for any overnight stays in the backcountry.  Please go to the visitor center before attempting any long hikes.  Bandelier National Monument Interactive Map.

What's Open at Bandelier Now:

Juniper Campground
Main Archeological Trail
Western National Parks Store
Bandelier Trading Company

Blue Ski Trail
Ponderosa Group Campground (by reservations only)

Orange Ski Trail

Temporary Visitor Center
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April 14-15, 2012 | El Vado Lake/Heron Lake Hiking and Camping Weekend

Trip Leader: Melanee Hand, or 505-490-1960              Trip Menu | Search

Update: We'd like to offer a day trip option, also. This involves leaving with the main party, and driving back after the hike and perhaps dinner. Bill Priedhorsky will provide one car that is returning Saturday evening, and can help organize others. Please let Melanee and Bill know if you would like to join for the day trip option.

(B/M-S) Enjoy an overnight camping and hiking weekend in the El Vado Lake/Heron Lake area. Two hours from Los Alamos, this scenic drive to the Tierra Amarilla area is an easier camping experience with equipped campsites, coin-operated showers, and toilets nearby to campsites. Hook-ups for campers are available to make this overnight a comfortable camping experience, or car/tent camp. Campsites on the water are available on the south part of El Vado that offer beautiful pine forest lakeside views. Campsite permits are up to $10.

There are 3 trails to explore in the area of Lake Heron and El Vado. Go here for more information about small fees, maps, and facilities.

Moderate to strenuous difficulty. This trip is flexible enough for dogs (on leashes) and families to join. While Melanee has not confirmed, there may be an option to join part of this outing as a day trip.

The Plan: Start travel at 8 a.m. on Saturday, April 14th. Stop at Bode's for a breakfast burrito and souvenirs. Park at the El Vado/Heron Trailhead (Salmon Run trail) around 10:30 a.m. and commence the 5-1/4 mile hike, Salmon Run Trail. Car placement will depend on group decision to park vehicles at trail end points for 5 mile hikers. For those who are interested in longer hiking options, add the Heron Lake East Meadow trail in the area (2.4 miles one way).

Bring snacks and a lunch, hydration, layered clothing, hiking shoes and poles, hats, sunscreen and cameras.

Campsites together are optional and abundant. Local restaurants are in the area, with Chama about 20 minutes away.

On Sunday morning, eat breakfast, break camp, and convene at 10 a.m. at the trailhead of the El Vado Rio Chama Trail (5 miles one way). Complete the hike by about 2 p.m., then head back to Los Alamos by around 4 p.m.

Contact Melanee to sign up, plan meeting points, and travel arrangements.

August 30-September 3, 2012 | Tenth Mountain Division Hut Trip          Trip Menu | Search

Leaders: Felicia Orth and Evan Rose,, with a cc to Bill,

(B/E-S) The sixth annual summer weekend trip to a 10th Mountain Division Hut will be to the 10th Mountain Division Hut, August 31-September 2, 2012 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  We will pack up and return to Los Alamos on Monday, the 3rd of September (Labor Day holiday).  The 10th Mountain Hut, at 11,370 ft, is nestled at timberline just east of the Continental Divide, and offers many opportunities to hike at various levels, from gentle to moderate, and, if some are ambitious and want to get up early for a long day, climbing Mt. Massive or another nearby 14er. There are numerous lakes near the Hut as well, for those who want to bring fishing equipment.  This will be the second visit by the Mountaineers to 10th Mountain Hut.

As in previous years, we will drive up to Leadville the day before, on August 30, and stay overnight.  Participants will make their own reservations in Leadville or nearby for that night.  The Columbine Inn has been cooperative about letting some of us leave cars while we are at the Hut.  The Delaware Hotel is a notable and comfortable place to stay.  A group dinner can be planned for those who are in Leadville by dinner time on August 30.  Participants meet at the Columbine Inn at 9:00 AM on August 31, and carpool to the trailhead parking lot, on the road up to the Hut.  One or more 4x4 cars/trucks will drive to the Hut with the coolers and heavy items. The rest of us will hike to the hut with day packs.  Felicia and Evan will have a planning pot luck dinner meeting in August before the trip.

The 10th Mountain huts sleep 16 and are fully equipped with propane cooking stoves, cooking and eating equipment, photovoltaic lighting, etc.  Six places for next September's trip have already been spoken for, so ten places remain. You may e-mail your interest in joining us next year to Felicia (see above) with a cc to Bill (  The cost this year, as last year, is $100/person.  Checks can be sent to Bill Priedhorsky at 380 Rim Road, Los Alamos, NM 87544, made out to Bill Priedhorsky/Canyon Adventures. Your reservation is made when your check is in Billís hand.  After filling the trip we will maintain a standby list to accommodate cancellations. In case of cancellation, refunds will be made when the spot is filled.  Let us know if you would like to join us next Labor Day weekend. We're looking forward to another great Hut trip!

November 7-12, 2012 | Biking and Hiking in Moab, Utah                           Trip Menu | Search

Trip Leader: Bill Priedhorsky,

(B-I/M)  I would like to announce the fifth edition of our very successful trip to Moab. We came back recently from the 2011 edition of the trip, and it was a great adventure as usual. Despite my saying that we wouldn't go back in 2012, I changed my mind - there is too much to do that we still didn't get to.

As before, we will establish a base in a large, comfortable house in Moab, and from there mountain bike, hike, and scramble in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and the wild country immediately around Moab like Behind the Rocks. Some of our most rugged adventures took us no more than two miles from home, yet \ we were deep in the wilderness. A report of the 2010 trip can be found here. I hope to publish a report of the 2011 trip soon.

The activity level can be moderately strenuous and includes optional semi- technical activities, up to low-angle rope work, but there will be less strenuous and non-technical options also. Not to mention the mountain bikers thrashing here, there, and everywhere.

The trip will run from Wednesday Nov. 7 through Monday Nov. 12, 2012, getting away on Wednesday at times that will vary car to car. Monday the 12th is a Lab holiday, and Friday is a "B" day off (trade your Friday?).

After the daytime adventuring, we will socialize in the evening with dinners together, either potluck or hitting the town. We will carpool to Moab to minimize driving expenses and not overstrain the parking.

The lodging is called the Moab Retreat House, and details can be found here. I have rented both sides of the house, north and south, with five bedrooms each.

Please let me know if you are interested in this outing. To hold a spot, please send me a deposit of $75 per person. Early signups will get preferred bedroom spots. The planning site for the 2011 trip, and some idea of the room arrangements, can be found here.

Final payment will be due by August 1. We've had a great deal on the house in past years, but unfortunately the rate is going up by 20%. The place is still a bargain. Depending on the quality of accommodation and just how full we fill the house, costs should be between $100 and $200 per person for the 5 nights (generally no discount for shorter stays, and why would you want to miss the fun anyway?).

Note that Moab is about 4 hours from Salt Lake, making this an unusually accessible canyon outing for folks who want to fly in. The drive from Los Alamos is about 6 1/2 hours driving straight through.


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