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Gear Loans

The Mountaineers have a modest cache of equipment that any club member can borrow.

The equipment includes multiple older trad racks, hundreds of quick draws, avy tranceivers, helmets, ice axes, avy shovels, avy probes, and some older camping gear.   Contact the equipment manager listed on the Board Page to reserve equipment BEFORE the day you need it!



Stuff you can borrow:

Climbing/Mountaineering Helmets

Ice axes
Various Climbing Hexes
Various climbing belay devices
Various climbing cams
Avalanche Beacons
Avalanche Shovels

Avalanche Probes

Bear barrels
Yathin S Krishnappa
Camping Water Filter
SPOT Satellite Beacon


Los Alamos Mountaineers Rope Loan Policy

LAM climbing school ropes are only otherwise available to closely vetted official LAM trips. Consult the equipment manager for particulars if you are contemplating an official LAM trip that needs ropes.


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