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Gear Loans

The Mountaineers have a modest cache of equipment that any club member can borrow.

The equipment includes multiple older trad racks, hundreds of quick draws, avy tranceivers, helmets, ice axes, avy shovels, avy probes, and some older camping gear.   Contact the equipment manager listed on the Board Page to reserve equipment BEFORE the day you need it!


Los Alamos Mountaineers Rope Loan Policy

Climbing ropes are a critical component for safe technical climbing and related activities such as rappelling. Ropes can be damaged by abrasion, hard falls, and age. Accordingly the Club has established the following policy to help ensure the integrity of Club ropes.

The loan of all Club ropes is under the purview of the Climbing School Director who may at his/her discretion delegate this responsibility for certain ropes (e.g. non dynamic rappel ropes) to another individual in the Club. Club ropes may only be borrowed for use on official Club trips. An individual who wishes to borrow Club ropes must submit a request (email preferred) to the Climbing School Director or his/her delegate at least 5 days prior to the date the ropes are needed. If the Climbing School Director is unavailable, a prior Climbing School Director may authorize the loan of Club ropes. Although the Club will inspect ropes on a regular basis, the person borrowing the rope is responsible for inspecting it before use. The borrower is responsible for his/her own safety, and by loaning out a rope the Club is not making any assurances that the rope is defect free or suitable for a particular purpose. Borrowed ropes must be returned promptly and the Climbing School Director must be notified of any hard falls or significant abrasion the rope has suffered.


Contact information for the individuals who are authorized to lend ropes is found under the Climbing tab on the web site.


Stuff you can borrow:

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