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Trans-Bandelier Hike

Sat, 2017-04-22
Jean Dewart
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Not allowed

Let's do a hike from north to south across Bandelier National Monument.

The hike will begin at Ponderosa campground.  We will hike down to the Upper Crossing in Frijoles Canyon and then up and out of the canyon to upper Alamo Canyon.  The hike turns east down Horse Mesa to the Stone Lions, then turns south into Capulin Canyon near the old (now burned) ranger cabin.  Then we will hike up and out of Capulin Canyon following the Boundary Peak Trail to the St. Peter's Dome road 142.   

We will spot cars at the finish, on Friday afternoon, so that we can get an early start Saturday morning.   Depending upon how many people come, we will need some high clearance, 4WD vehicles to run the shuttle.  

The hike is about 13 miles, but, it will be a tough 13 miles because the last 3.5 miles is a 2000' rise out of Capulin Canyon.   The trails are well graded, but it is all uphill to the finish.

It will be an all day hike - so, bring lunch, sufficient water, sunscreen, sunhat.  There is water in Capulin Canyon - I'll bring along a water filter.  

If you'd like to come, please send me an email at     We will start the hike at 7 am at Ponderosa Campground.  We will arrange carpooling.  Hope you can come.  

Some cartoon maps of the route:

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