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Carrying Less Means More Fun Backpacking

Tue, 2017-03-28

Please join us Tuesday, March 28 at the Los Alamos Nature Center for a presentation
by local mountaineer Rick Light.

Rick will present the essence of his backpacking book published in 2015 that sold
1976 copies in its first year. This book helps conventional backpackers to learn
from through-hikers to lighten their packs without sacrificing comfort or safety.

Rick's book will open your eyes to the freedom of hiking light. Whether you are a UL
or conventional backpacker his years of trail experience will help you understand
how to create highly organized systems inside your pack so can access objects in a
second. He helps you understand what needs to be kept dry, how to keep those pesky
rodents away, and how to create systems for food, water, and shelter.

Rick’s book will lighten you up for travel that gives you the freedom to enjoy the
beauty the trail has to offer in safety, style, and comfort. A must read for group
treks or the solo hiker. If you like to backpack, are not willing to give up
comfort, and want to save weight, this talk and this book are for you!

Rick will have copies of his book for sale at a discounted price.

Social at 6:45, reports of recent and upcoming trips at 7:00pm. Program at 7:30pm.

Photo: Backpacking the Light Way

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