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Grouse Creek - Red Lake - Red Lake Road X-C Ski

Sat, 2017-01-21
Jean Dewart
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Let's try the Grouse Creek - Red Lake - Red Lake Road X-C Ski loop at Cumbres Pass.

(hopefully, our Jan 16th tour will be successful in setting up this next trip!)

The tour starts at the Red Lake Road trail head, and follows the Grouse Creek yurt trail (4 miles, 1000' elevation gain).  Then we will ski up to the Jarosa Peak plateau (another 1/2 mile and 400 ft).  Then we will ski to the north, towards Red Lake.  If there is time, the ski to Red Lake is about 3 miles up on the plateau.  If there is not sufficient time, we will ski about 2 miles, and then turn down the Red Lake Road back to the cars (about 5 miles).

The total tour will be between 12 and 15 miles, depending upon whether we can make it to Red Lake.  Backcountry metal edged skis are appropriate for this tour.  Climbing skins could be helpful, getting up to the plateau.  

Because of the length of this tour, and the need for GPS route finding up on the plateau, some of us will stay in Chama on Friday night, so that we can begin skiing at 7 am.  For real early birds, it would be possible to drive up from Los Alamos on Sat am, and meet us at the trailhead.  We are hoping to have 5+ skiers for this tour, to help break trail.  If we don't have this many, we will postpone to Jan 28/29 (or if there is more interest, repeat the tour on Jan 28/29).  IF there is a big blizzard forecast for Jan 21, we would also alter the plans.

If you'd like to come, please send me an email at   Hope you can make it.  

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