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Cross Country Skiing the Los Griego Trail Complex

Mon, 2017-01-02
Michael Altherr
505 231 3561
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I just found out that the Laboratory, in its wisdom, is requiring us to take an additional vacation day during the break and delaying our post holiday return until Tuesday January 3rd. So, this may be wishful thinking but lets spend the day doing something a lot more fun than work anyway. Snow permitting, I plan on skiing the Los Gregos trail complex from the NM 4 parking area at MM 35 for a couple of hours. This is a moderate BC ski requiring intermediate skiing skills. Scaled skis, or superior waxing skills are required; and if you can wax for the Jemez - you got something to teach me. You will want to brng water, lunch snacks and appropriate clothing.

We will meet at the Sullivan Field parking area at 08:00 and drive to the trail head. We can meet interested particpants coming from White Rock or Santa Fe at the back gate at 08:15.

If you are interested please send me an email with your cell phone number. It is likely that a go/no-go decision will be a last minute determination. I will be on travel through the 1st. So, if anybody living in the Jemez or traveling through can get me an update, on the 1st, I would be appreciative.

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